Bear Creek Ballistics is a family run business located in Southwest Michigan. As a company we focus on the development of products and shooting systems to improve firearm performance and customer success in the field.  We are a level 7 FFL licensed business which allows us to manufacture firearms,  perform general gunsmithing, build custom ammunition and perform retail firearm sales.  The performance systems that we have developed focus on the firearm and the ammunition with applications for muzzle loading as well as center fire rifles.  We have a full machine shop attached to our facility giving us the ability to perform nearly any type of firearm modification that a customer may require.  In addition to the firearm accuracy systems we have an all copper ball point bullet that can be used in the 460 S&W pistol cartridge, 450 Bushmaster and saboted muzzle loading rounds as well.

The company was incorporated in 2006 but the owner has been actively  designing and developing products for the shooting sports industry for over 30 years. The vision for the business was started over three decades ago about the desire to develop a muzzle loading firearm and ammunition that could achieve extended range one shot kills on the big Whitetails southern Michigan is known for.

The owner has over 30 years of experience as a mechanical engineer developing products used in the health care, aerospace and heavy industrial hydraulic power systems.  His experience in these fields has given him a broad range of  experience in the areas of materials and precision manufacturing processes.

The products displayed on this website have been extensively tested on the range as well as in the field across North America.  We will not sell anything we do not use ourselves and feel that it will meet or exceed our performance expectations.