CVA- Optima custom

For the money the CVA Optima is one of the most cost effective inline muzzle loading rifles on the market.  Every year we set up a number of these rifles for customers with our accuracy system.  We will typically carry a small inventory of these rifles fully customized in stock and ready for delivery.  Our custom package includes a new CVA Optima SS muzzle loading 50 caliber rifle with the following updates and products:

  • Barrel muzzle crowned to an optimum angle to promote accuracy.
  • One piece full length tactical scope ring base.
  • Leupold PRW low mount rings.
  • Leupold vx1 3-9×40 rifle scope LR reticle.
  • Breech plug head spaced for Winchester 209 shotgun primers.
  • Breech plug optimized to burn Blackhorn 209 powder.
  • Rifle sighted in with BCB 270 grain all copper bullets.
  • Supplied with a pack of [12] S451.270.BBT saboted bullets.
  • BCB bullet starter.
  • BCB breech plug clean out tool.

The Leupold rings will be lapped to a common center line with 90% contact between the rings and scope avoiding scope torque and movement under rifle recoil.  The rifle will be supplied sighted in 2″ high at 100 yards with a corresponding drop table and instructions to allow accurate shots out to and to 250 yards.   All the customer needs to supply is Winchester 209 primers and Blackhorn 209 powder.