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The .450 Bushmaster is a straight-wall cartridge rifle that is legal in most shotgun/muzzleloader only zones! Devastatingly accurate and powerful, this new gun is taking the industry by storm. Send additional rounds down range much quicker than a muzzleloader, and benefit from accuracy that beats any slug shotgun out there!


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Custom rifles using Howa 1500 actions start at: $3,500.00

Custom rifles using the Remington 700 clone actions start at: $4,500.00

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Product Description

With the recent changes in the regulations for deer hunting firearms in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Delaware and now Iowa, Bear Creek Ballistics is producing a custom 450 Bushmaster rifle / ammunition package that is absolutely devastating on game. The custom ammunition developed together with these rifles will consistently give 1″ or smaller groups.  The 240 grain Bear Creek all copper bullet leaves the muzzle at 2,590 fps generating over 3,400 ft-lbs of energy! We are a custom shop with many different options for actions, triggers, stocks and scopes, contact us to design a rifle for your hunting needs.  request.

Action Platforms 

  • We use two different types of actions for the rifles that we build: The Howa 1500 and Remington 700 clone actions (Stiller, Terminus, Zermatt, Defiance).
  • Timney, Jewell and Trigger Tech. triggers available as options.


  • Douglas XX premium grade stainless; 1:16 twist; #5A contour.
  • Barrel lengths up to 24″ available,  we have a 23″ barrel to be the optimal length for the 450 Bushmaster cartridge.
  • Muzzle brakes are available, supplied with protective barrel cap.

Optics / Scope Mounts

  • The majority of our rifles are built using Leupold scopes using the CDS turret system.  We prefer to use Leupold VX-R, Leupold VX5 and VX6 scopes.  We have built many rifles with these scopes and great results.  If you choose to go the route of the Leupold CDS system we will match the drop of the ammunition to the CDS turret cap.  We will build the rifle with a customer supplied scope as well.
  • We believe Talley one piece scope rings are the best combination of price and performance.  All scope rings are assembled to the receiver and lapped to common center line to eliminate manufacturing tolerances  and prevent inducing any torque in to the scope tube once the scope is assembled to the receiver.

Stock Options

  • Composite Stock Offerings – McMillian; H-S Precision; Bell and Carlson.
  • Wood Laminated Offerings – LSS or Eliminator thumbhole laminated wood or the classic profile are available in a number of different colors.
  • All wood stocks are pillar bedded through the action screws, the action, recoil lug and the first 1.5″ of the barrel are epoxy bedded.  The remainder of the barrel is free floated.
  • 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad


  • Capable of using high velocity and standard 450 Bushmaster ammo.
  • Excellent accuracy out to and beyond 300 yards.
  • Ballistic Trajectory with Bear Creek Ammunition 240 HV bullet (2,590 fps): +2″at 100 yards; 0″ at 200 yards; -14” of drop at 300 yards, ammunition will retain 1,000 ft-lbs of energy at 400 yards.
  • Weight – 8 to 10 lbs. depending on options and barrel length.

Custom Options Upon Request

Here are some awesome .450 Bushmasters we’ve custom built for customers!

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